“Get out of my bed.”

Lot of parents want their kids to sleep in their own beds and don’t want them sleeping with them all night. Their reasons may also be because they want to have sex in their bed and they can’t do it with their kids in bed so they might be guising it as “you need to sleep in your own bed, you are old enough for that.” My reason is because I want to change my diaper and or get undressed and I don’t want him to see me in my diaper. I’ve always called it needing privacy or saying I need to get dressed when I mean change my diaper. Even if he is sleeping, it doesn’t matter. I learned from that mistake once. Summer is here now so that means 80 degrees weather again three weeks of heatwaves and I can’t sleep naked in my diaper anymore because my son comes in my room in the middle of the night and crawls into my bed. Yes I have had that happen and then I couldn’t get out of bed. I had to kick him out and say I needed to get dressed.

Honesty I don’t mind my kid being in bed, I just don’t want him in there when I come in there and having to fight him to leave my room so I always have to rip the covers off him and threaten to pull him off my bed and drag him to his room. He then moves once I start to pull him or start to count. I used to carry him but he has gotten tall now he is up to my boobs. A simple “Okay, time to move back to your room” won’t do. I also don’t want him to hear me change either so him just hiding under the covers isn’t an option and I am afraid he will just peep because you know how curious kids get. “Oh what’s that sound?”

Also another reason why I might not always want him in my bed is because I sometimes take my pajamas off in my sleep because I have woken up with no top on or pants. What if I do that in my sleep with him in bed? That only happens when it’s hot. I can’t stand being hot so when I get hot, even I strip in my sleep or I do it half asleep and I have no memory of it. This is a reason why I have my son sleep in his own room while for most parents it’s because of sex and maybe they like to pleasure themselves so they use the “you are too big to sleep with me excuse” and use the independent excuse and also because maybe they want to sleep naked.

I think at some point in their life a kid will want to sleep in their own bed and never with their parents. Just like how any child will want to do things on their own than have mommy do it for them. They even want to start walking to their own classes than having their own parent walk them to it. I also think peer pressure might have to do with it, a kid sees other kids doing something like them going to class without their mom and dad so your kid no longer wants you walking them to class.