Diapering my husband again

I ordered one Little Monsters diaper from Daily Diapers because the owner of the website accidentally got the wrong size so he sold each diaper for a dollar. I bought one and I put it on my husband and it fit him perfectly. He peed in it around 11:30 at night and the next day the diaper was destroyed because he had peed in it a bunch and I put one of my Dry 24/7s on him and it fit him too but just barely. These diapers run larger so I am wanting to get smalls next time since these are big on me. The hip sizes are not accurate on the package.

I told my husband if he took the diaper off, I would go tot he adult store down the street and use my credit card top buy him a dildo to punish him with. He had opened mouth.

The next day he used the diaper good I put on him and he was so scared I was going to give him a butt spanking because he had taken it off. I wasn’t here when it leaked because I was at work. I might diaper him again tonight since he has plenty of his own in the basement.

He has lost a bunch of weight so diapers are much easier to put on him now. Now people are calling him skinny because he keeps apologizing for taking up space. It’s a habit he still has from when he was still pretty big. He still thinks he is spilling his body into another seat next to him but he isn’t. He has been loving being called skinny even though he is still overweight but the BMI still puts him in the obese range. He is not a body builder.