“Just go in your nappy/diaper.”

This is one of the common topics I see in the ABDL community. It’s about parents telling their real kids to just go in their diaper. Before I had kids, I just thought the parent was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to take their kid to the bathroom. Why do that to your child if they are ready to be potty trained or you are in the process of potty training them? That must be confusing for the child to be expected to use the potty and then they are being told to just go in their diaper.

After having kids, I have gotten a different perspective on why parents do this.

Kids say they have to go potty and then they change their minds about going. Kids are manipulative so they may be saying this because they want to leave so they know if they have to go potty, you will leave. The kid gets what they wanted so all of a sudden they don’t need to go anymore. Or when they do go, they would have to go again when they don’t want to be there. So you as the parent decide, enough, and not play their game. You tell them to just go in their diaper, the child learn that tactic doesn’t work anymore so they stop using the potty excuse to leave. Even I have had to be one of those “just go in your pull up” excuse because my son did this. He was someone who likes to exploit things. Like when I would do potty rewards, he started to go little squirts in the potty so he can get many cookies as he wanted but I told him that only worked every three hours. He was running to the toilet excessively to try and pee and go little each time so he could get a treat. So he was one of those “I have to go potty” excuse kids and then all of a sudden not having to go anymore.

It’s easy to judge a parent for their choices without kids of your own.