catfishers in the ABDL community now

I have heard of them on dating sites and Dr. Phil has covered it too a bunch of times and it always astounds me how people can fall for it. I actually feel sorry for their children, not for the person falling for the scam because they are too adamant to listen so my sympathy goes out the window when people are willful.

Now I hear on r/abdl someone got catfished by someone in the abdl community from Grindr. Another person replied to the thread saying it happened to them too and another person replied saying someone used their pics to blackmail another person.

This is scary stuff because I know that could be me. Someone could take my pictures and be pretending to be me and also pretend this is their blog and my Twitter too and my onlyfans page.

I know victims have also been harassed by angry victims because a scammer used their photos to scam them.

The more you share, the more you are likely to be a victim as well by a scammer using your profiles and photos to scam someone.

Things to know here:

I do not talk on the phone so anyone who claims to be me and is willing to talk on the phone, that isn’t me.

Someone who asks you for money and is willing to pay you for anything, that isn’t me.

I would not seek out and find someone to date because I am a married woman so you wouldn’t find me on dating websites nor would I send out a romantic email to anyone

It’s also a good idea to actually message the person on those websites they claim to be a member of and where they have their profiles, even contact them on their Tumblr page or WordPress or Fetlife or Twitter, etc. that they say is theirs to verify you are actually talking to them than to a scammer. Signing up is easy and free. If you are indeed talking to a scammer, they would drop you like a hot potato and find another victim so don’t be surprised if you never hear back from them again.

Also a sign of a scam is these people who are cat fishing always seem to have a crisis and need money and then they will keep asking for more and will keep having excuses why they can’t come to your country or can’t meet you yet. So never give out money to anyone. It’s also a good idea to see them live on webcam and have them do things to verify they are actually them and see their face. If they claim they don’t have one, take caution. Another way would be asking for photos and ask them to do stuff like hold up a sign with their name in the photo shot and if they can’t do that, move on. If they have all these photos they claim is theirs, surely they can take that picture you request, no excuses. They will just move on to the next person so don’t be surprised if you ever hear from them again nor see them online again.

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