Son found my diaper because I was too lazy

Yesterday my son mentioned about me having Barbie underwear while I was putting his clothes away in his room. I can’t remember why he even brought that up.

Today I picked him up from school and he asked me if I brought the Switch and I told him it was in my purse. I was too lazy to take it out for him and big mistake. He opened the wrong part of my purse and found one of my diapers and said “Why do you have a diaper in your purse?” and I told him to get out of there and he said he didn’t know and he is trying to get out the Switch. I opened my purse for him and had to take it out for him.
Then he asked me if the diaper was his little sisters and I said I didn’t want to talk about it. He quickly moved onto his game he has been playing and started to talk about it. He seemed to forget about me wearing them again.

I guess don’t have your kids take stuff out of your purse, don’t be lazy and have them take something out to make them be a independent child.

And Breath of the Wild is fun I have nearly cleaned out Hyrule Castle but sadly once I leave it, the blood moon will occur and I would have to clean it all out again. I wonder if I can reloot the castle and get arrows again and stuff and if those chest respawn. I know weapons do. That also means I would have to try and clean out Hyrule field again. My son has been playing this game. I have been playing it too with him and then give it back to him and have him try and do some of it. I have done all the dungeons and bosses for him and the thieves hideout. The rest I try and let him do alone like beating enemies and getting items and armor and rupees and rocks and some shrines. He got the Hylian Shield and defeated a Hinox and a stone talus and some guardians and nearly beaten a lynel. I also tell him to watch youtube videos about the game and it will show him how to do it all. I want to get the DLC now after seeing videos about it. I would have to wait until we have it in our budget.