I have created premium content

Since I have over 500 followers on my Twitter page, I decided to try and make some money off of my lifestyle by opening a onlyfans account. I got that idea from Baby Emma. She has one too and posts certain photos there but charges $10 to follow her. She needs to make a living too somehow so she rents out her nursery, has her own babysitting service where you can pay her to baby sit her, and she has her onlyfans page and decided to try and go for modeling, maybe diaper modeling.

As an actress, you need a survival job to still pay your bills. I am in a play so I will be missing work for rehearsals so I need to compensate somehow for missed workdays. I even made $70 for being on the Ink Angel: Masters show (not real acting because it was reality TV and I was in the crowd) and I used part of that money to fill my car up with gas than using the credit card, why use it if I have the cash? I will have to pay it anyway so I will mind as well use the cash. I also made some money from bringing in pop cans and my dad split the money with me so that was $32 I got. I decided I am going to use the money for bus pass for next month and to buy Easter stuff for my kids. I also used part of the money to pay my acing coach when I did a video audition for voice over.

So I started a onlyfans page:


It’s really cheap to subscribe, only $4.99. I wanted to go lower but this is the minimum they allow. I don’t need a lot of money, just only need enough to survive. And if all 500 people happen to subscribe, that would be way too much money so I decided that extra money would just go to my kids’ account for their future. I don’t expect everyone to subscribe because who wants to pay money? Maybe they have other bills and maybe they are paying for other services for under $5 a month. I have seen some cheap subscriptions around like on phone apps and it does all add up. Nintendo is going to be charging $3.99 a month or $19.99 a year for their online service starting September but right now it’s free until then.

I am also thinking about writing ABDL stories for kindle and see if that makes me any money too. I know it will cost me some to publish it after I write it. But it would be stories I have never posted online before.

4 thoughts on “I have created premium content

  1. I wish you success in your various endeavors. I think that you are already a genuinely good person, caring mother and a star in the “diapered world”. I live in Vancouver, BC, and would love to meet you some day if you are ever up this way.

    Sincerely, Ian


  2. You could also set up a patreon page. Let people donate as much as they want per month. You can make exclusive content available to five dollar subscribers but this way you won’t lose subscribers who can only do two or three dollars per month. It all adds up.

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