Dry day

For some reason I didn’t have to pee all day. I ended up as an extra on the SpikeTV set for Ink Master: Angels and they paid us $70 bucks for being there all day until the end of the shooting. I had my parents give me a ride to the place and they dropped me off and I had to sign in and then wait around. They made us sign papers and more and more people got there and then we had to wait in line t get inside and then we went up the stairs to this huge room and it had a bar there too and they served beverages and drinks and water. The whole room could be used for parties and wedding receptions and it looked big enough to be used as a sound stage too. They had the set up and camera men and we all had to cover our logos and they put black tape over mine on my purse and I had to rip the label off my bottles water.

We had to show excitement and we had to do it twice because they were shooting it from different angles and then we watched the tattoo artists start putting on the tattoo on the person they were doing. I notice later I was starting to smell of urine so I went into the bathroom and changed and there were people in there so I threw the diaper in the tiny wastebasket and just pushed it down in there with my fist and washed my hands.

Despite having a whole bottle of water, I still never had to pee so I stayed dry and we were not allowed to sit or be on our phones or play video games or do anything but talk. If we had to sit, we had to go downstairs and sit in one of the folded chairs but only for five minutes and then we had to get back to the set.

Then at the end when I did go into the bathroom to call my father to come pick me up, I all of a sudden wet my diaper so it was as if I couldn’t do it out there on the set but could in the restroom? Our bodies do funny things. I didn’t feel the urge either until I was in the restroom.

I also got to take home some free snacks they had for us and I guess they wanted to get rid of them so they had them on the table for us to take when we signed out and they gave us an envelope with cash. That makes up for a day of work I had missed last week for play rehearsals. Then I got home and went straight to bed without even getting my pajamas on. I was tired and my legs were sore from standing. $70 is more than I make a day at my job.

So what I learned about reality TV, there is some acting in it but there is no script. They just tell us what to do and we do it rather it’s cheering or showing excitement and when they film scenes, there is no script, it’s just people talking to each other. They also had this lady who was dressed like Beetlejuice say the tattoo artists had three hours left and then after that she said two hours and one hour and thirty minutes and I knew they would be editing that into separate parts throughout the show and they actually pick people as extras by posting an ad about it and people sign up and they get back to you if they pick you and you have to confirm it. But I think all this was worth the 70 bucks despite depriving us from stimulation but it makes me wonder how did people handle waiting around with nothing to do before cell phones, oh that’s right, they talked so it was like the olden times again. But we were not allowed to do anything but read and people were allowed to leave the building and come back and walk around on the set. But we couldn’t all be gone at once because they didn’t want a large gap in the crowd and extras were allowed to invite friends and family to come and they all left and the paid ones stayed. I think that was their whole point of paying us, they don’t want us to leave so paying us makes us stay.

I came home and told my husband I made us 70 bucks and he said, “cool.”

Now I want to watch that TV show and keep an eye out for that episode and try and find myself in it.

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