Another thing I learned about myself

You have probably heard of the Space Cadet by Tykables. Casey Strom sent them an email about his trademark in the word Space for his product. Tykables didn’t respond and kept the name. Casey went to an attorney and a letter was sent out to them about it. Basically he us sueing Tykables for the name. Casey’s concern is the name will cause confusion. People call his space diapers Space diaper than ABU Space and apparently it will be too inconvient now to specify what space diaper you want. He wrote about it here

Look, I have no problem being specific over brand names. I have to do it with towns, I say Vancouver, BC and Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, Washington state or Washington DC. And if you are not sure, just ask. We even say specific brand names for products if it matters what we want like Colgate Total or Herbal Essence or Jiff but we can’t do that over names of diapers? It’s going to be hard to say Tykables Space or ABU Space? Wow I must be that different then if this is what it’s all about. Casey has to protect his business from stupid people and lazy people for in case something goes wrong with the Space Cadet so they mistake it for ABU product and ABU ends up getting the blame for Tykables defect product or lets say someone failed to mention what specific diaper so they only wrote Space but failed to mention the company name too and everyone assumes they mean ABU Space because that is the first thing that comes to mind. When you hear the word London, I bet you think of the city that is in England, not Canada. But if we mean the one in Ontario, we say London, Ontario or are people too lazy for that too?

I have never confused My Diaper and Fabines when My Diaper did a rip off design of Fabine so they discontinued that print. Why did I never confused it? I looked at the name is why. Crinklz and Safari look very similar but I look at the brand name and it’s not confusing. I guess most people do not pay attention to this detail nor are they as pedantic as me. It bugs me to see binders being called notebooks and laptops being called notebooks but I am fine with netbook.

It even boggles my mind when people down the street from us get their own address wrong so we sometimes get their mail. Why? Because they have the same number as our house, same street name and same city but the only thing different is zipcode and SE and NE. But they still put in NE than SE and they use the wrong zipcode. How does this happen? Does their landlord have their address written down wrong? When we bought our house, we saw the address, it was on every estate website and it was on the bank too when we got the house and got the loan and put down a down payment and we used up all our savings for it and we nearly didn’t get the house but it was my money saving obsession that got us this house because of that money I saved. Lot of it was from my old work. So all these people living in their apartment have no excuse for this mistake because it’s written down when they sign their rental agreement and their address is listed on it. My mom told me people think SE and NE make no difference or they don’t pay attention to what their address says. Holy moly, people are this dense. I would be double checking my address and look at it written down to be sure it’s correct because I want to get my mail.

There is Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Milwaukie, Oregon. Why the different spelling? Postmen were getting confused. Didn’t they look at the state abbreviation? So they changed the spelling to stop this confusion. Wow. Maybe it’s time the city gives the apartments down the street a new number to stop the confusion.

I have no beef against Casey, it’s not his fault people are dense and too lazy to be specific about diaper brand and can’t be bothered to pay attention to the product name and company so he has to protect his business from that.

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