Thank you everyone

I want to thank everyone for the emails they have sent me, I have appreciated it. Though I don’t check my inbox often because I don’t get very many of them so I don’t check this email account daily or weekly. But I still read them when I see them. I am glad there are people out there that like this blog. I once thought about shutting it down but decided I wasn’t going to let some troll get to me and bring me down and apparently that is a normal feeling there. Yeah if you run a blog, you are going to get trolls and hate comments and get called a liar, that is part of blogging, that is going to happen.

I don’t respond often because I often don’t know what to say and because I feel burned out so I don’t say anything.

I also keep getting this spam email sometimes from different email addresses saying they have found serious coding issues or broken links or bad ones, etc. in my blog or about promoting my blog. I just ignore.

I did once shut down my contact me page because someone who I was talking to freaked me out so I stopped responding and opening their emails and didn’t go back to my email for awhile and I made my contact me page password protected.

But keep the emails coming. šŸ™‚