The worst time of the year

Three words: Package thieves suck

It’s happening all over my area and I have become the victim of it. I always look on my front doorstep when I leave for work and they always ring our doorbell or knock when they leave a package.

I did the ABDL gift exchange and I never got my gift yet like others have been getting theirs. I finally asked on the forum if anyone hasn’t gotten theirs yet and the person who was doing the exchange for everyone sent me a PM saying he is so confused and that my match gave him a confirmation it’s been delivered and gave me a screen shot. I saw my front door and the package, the ones I never saw. It looked like there were two of them. I have never been this upset this time of year. It was from Amazon and I called them about a lost package and they couldn’t do anything about it unless they had the buyer’s account name and the tracking number to replace the gifts.

So I contacted the person who did the exchange so he can contact my Secret Santa to let him know so he can call Amazon to have them replace the packages. I also decided to put a sign on my door saying ‘please do not leave packages on this doorstep, leave them in the back on the back porch.’

I also decided I will do signature packages or request in my shipping instructions they are to be left at the back door on the porch.

Great, now I am going to have anxiety every time I order something. I even bought Shopkins from toysrus on ebay and none of them came but two of them. I am thinking they got stolen too. It’s showed they were delivered here while it says the rest were delivered in a nonexistent town of Washington. But my dad saw one of the packages and gave it to me last Friday.

My daddy doesn’t like seeing me so upset so he told me he will replace the Amazon package by buying me another gift and I won’t know if it will be better or not because I don’t even know what my secret Santa got me.

I don’t know if the ABDL exchange person will contact my secret Santa and tell him mine was stolen and to call Amazon so they can replace it. I also would like a shipping number or signature package or have it be left at the back door. I do not feel safe anymore. I have caught people on our property before, I woke up one morning to someone banging on our living room window and I said “hello” and I saw a figure and that person was gone very fast.

One time my daddy heard someone in our backyard so he went back inside and came back out with a sword and they were gone.

This past year, someone came on our property and went in my parents cottage and took tools.

A couple years ago, our dolly got stolen because my dad left it in the front yard than in the back.

In 2016, when we went to Montana, someone had came to our house in the middle of the night knocking on the front door waking up my in laws and my MIL saw a white van and someone was at the door and she was too afraid to answer so she said “hello?” and then they were gone. I figured maybe they were there to rob the place and once they realized someone was home, they left. That is why we have house sitters when we go on trips. I also leave lights on or the TV when we leave and no one else will be home. I make it look like someone is home. Plus we used to have cars on our property always but I got rid of my car and my dad got rid of one of their cars and my brother has my mom’s car so all we have left is the truck and my car I bought from my dad, and the RV they bought. Now my dad has my brother’s car that is under his business name.

Two days before my daughter turned 3, someone was in my car and they ransacked it leaving a big mess and only thing they took were quarters. They left my cassette tapes and my 3DS charger and my CD and pennies and tire gauge. It turns out they were in my mom’s car too and took her purse and it had her work stuff in it. My dad had left her keys in the car and it was locked but the keys make it unlock automatically when you touch the door handle.

We live where people are low income because we have all these apartments around us and there are houses too and we live near convenience stores and pawn shops or second hand.

People don’t normally come in our backyard or to the cottage because it’s a more risk to get caught.

But I can’t believe I became a victim of package theft and it’s happened more than once this month. I do look on the doorstep when I go to work and look again when I get home. but those thieves got to it before I did and they didn’t even knock or ring the doorbell or I would have heard it because I was home that day when it was delivered that day according to Amazon, I was given a screenshot of the photo from Amazon from my secret Santa’s mobile phone. I saw the name on the top page but that wasn’t enough for Amazon because they needed the email address and the billing. So all I could do was contact the person who was doing the gift exchange and matched everyone up so he could contact that person and I also made a public thread about it so hopefully he will see it and call Amazon and have them resend out the items to me. I even posted a google link of the search results of package theft happening in my area.

So two things on my list for when I get up today, call the police for package theft (I am not expecting to get those back, I just want to file a report so they have it on file) and call ebay Toys R Us and see when it’s supposed to get here and if I can have tracking information. I called Toys r Us last Friday and they said they would send them out again and it’s been four days so far (not counting Sunday or Friday when i made the call). The reason why I am so freaked out is if my packages have been stolen more than once now this month, it means our house is being watched or how else would they know I have packages? Could it just be a coincidence? This is very scary but my daddy doesn’t see it as a big deal because “this happens to everyone” and “this stuff is normal because there are bad people in the world, it happens all the time.” He blames it on my disorder. Not the theft but me getting so upset about this and being frightened about it.

I even made a sign on my door about leaving packages on the door step and I want them left on the back porch. But I wonder if thieves go back there to find packages? My husband doesn’t think so because it’s more risky. But can they still do it if there are no cars in the driveway?

My daddy says this has all been solved because I did what I could do and he is going to buy me another present. There is nothing else I can do now.