My diaper was smelling badly

My Teddies Bambino was smelling strongly of urine so I had to change out of it at work. I forgot to bring wipes and rash cream so I left the bathroom and my co-worker who was signing out literally caught me with my pants down. Lucky she couldn’t see my bare pussy and I pulled my pants up and buttoned them and she tries to make small talk with me by saying “it’s cold in here.” I just say “yeah” and grab some paper towels and go back in the bathroom. I dipped the paper towels in the urinal and wiped the pee off my skin. Then I toss them in the plastic bag with my used diaper and I put the clean Classico on. The co worker was still clocking out as I put it on and then I tied the bag closed and stuck it in my purse and put the purse on and grabbed my phone and left the bathroom.

Yeah so dumb of me to leave the bathroom with my pants halfway down thinking no one will see it because I am always the only person there.

The co worker left after I got out of the bathroom and I did some exercises in the break room I got out of from my old Seventeen magazines. I still smelled some urine but I wasn’t sure if it was from the used diaper or if I still had it on my skin. I don’t smell it now and I threw the diaper away on the loading dock as I was leaving. I think I need to drink more water again because it was very yellow in the diaper. Mine is usually pail or light yellow in the diaper as seen in the Twitter photos.