Diapering my husband

My husband has been wanting me to baby and diaper him but I am more of a babygirl than a mommy. I enjoy being a babygirl than a mommy. Our kids are away so it was just us two alone and we did a couple errands and came back and I went to the basement to put some stuff away he bought at the store. It was buy 2 and get 1 free they were doing so he got several toys. More Christmas presents for the kids and I am thinking of doing Black Friday and do that as Christmas shopping and be done with it. I don’t plan on buying lot of presents this year for the kids because they have enough toys and they just throw them all over anyway and my son has broken Cookie syndrome. Any plushie that gets a rip in the seem or any toy that quits working perfectly (one Pikcahu cheek quit lighting up so he didn’t want that toy anymore) he doesn’t want anymore. He does it with food too. I tell him when he plays with his plushies, they are going to get rips in them. Only way for them to last is if he never plays with them and he only has them on a shelf for display like what I do with my TY beanies and Shopkins.

I rearranged the diapers in the freezer we use as a storage closet and I found some under pads and a few Tenas and Tranquility or Nu Fit. I found some other diapers too I forgot about. Those are all my backup diapers and I still have two unopened packs of ABU Simple down there and one pack of Wellness Briefs and I still have one unopened pack of Goodnites from the year 2006 when I purchased them and they expired back in 2009 and the pack feels heavy.

I came upstairs with the underpads and I accidentally disappointed my husband because he thought I was going to diaper him when he saw the stuff. I put them in my room and discovered I accidentally brought up Tena size Small Super (US version). I also put a underpad on the sofa where I sit and I decided to diaper my husband so I got one out of his room and surprised him. But he turned it down saying he didn’t feel good. I was about to take the diaper back downstairs when he said he liked to be forced into them so I decided to not take no for an answer this time. So I ordered him to get in the living room and lie down so he did and pulled his pants down and showed me how much weight he had lost. I put the diaper on him and he helped me with it. I told him he needed to lose more so the tabs will be in the front than on the side.

He pulled his pants back up and I went to work later and he barely used it when I got back because he has been dehydrated. He drinks water but he sweats it out because he has been sick. He has a strep throat and the medication he started today has been making him feel better. Our son had it too so I also had to take him to the doctor and they gave him medicine for it. My husband thinks he caught it from him. Lately I have been having headaches and been tired. I hope I am not getting it and I have had a cold too and runny nose. So far no sore throat and no bad migraines.

It’s Thanksgiving and my husband is sick.