My Diaper Change

I was smelling badly because my diaper was wet and messy. I got tired of the smell so I decided to go upstairs to change, My husband asked where I was going and I said “to change.”

I was taking off my fitness shorts when Daddy came in and told me to get up on the bed. I got on the bed and he took out a ABU Simple diaper instead of the Bambino Bianco. I was hoping our daughter wouldn’t barge in my room but Daddy told me he told her to stay downstairs. he removed my diaper and said “yucky” and then told me “I didn’t know you were stinky.”

I told him I thought he knew and he said his nose is clogged. That explains it.

He wiped the mess off my butt first with the diaper and then he cleaned me up with Huggies wiped and then he put the clean diaper under me and put rash cream on me. Then he had to rush putting it on because we could hear our daughter coming so I had to fix the diaper tabs and then she came in so I squatted down on the floor to hide my diaper behind the coffee table I had by my bed to make room for my work outs. My husband was standing by my doorway so she couldn’t see anything behind him and he shut the door behind him while I finished getting dressed. We really need to get a lock on my door. One of my online friends warned me back in 2010 to be careful because one of his real life friends got caught getting her diaper changed by her three year old son. He came in their room and she was in the middle of getting her butt wiped by his dad. We have had our close calls and my husband would be in front of me so our kid didn’t see anything when he barged in our room. That was about a year ago when my room was still in the basement before moving back up to the second floor. There were times when we couldn’t even finish so I had to do the rest. But that is what you sign up for when you have kids. You’re not always going to be able to do everything and finish everything. I once had to call in sick to stay home to take care of my son because my husband was sick and so were my parents and I was the only one well. The boss understood because he was a parent himself so he knew these things. My daughter hadn’t been born yet nor concieved.

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