Vacation give away scam

So I was in my room playing Miitopia when my phone rang. It was from a local number so I picked up. It was about asking if someone in my home is hearing impaired so I said no. Then they start telling me about how they are giving away free trips to Florida. Oh this again. But I stay on the line this time and act all interested while my Bianco leaked. I put the phone on speaker so I could still play my game and I answer their questions and I write down the information they give me. But the moment they asked for my card number, I told them I was no longer interested and hung up. I wasted their time and do not care. I wonder what other things I can do to waste their time. I could give my phone to one of my kids to talk into or stay on the line and leave the phone sitting down or act stupid or keep coughing or keep shouting at imaginary people in my home or act deaf and see what happens. I read if everyone wasted their time, they would be losing money and you keep them from a sucker.

If anyone is curious, the vacation thing was to Florida and going on a cruise to the Caribbean and it would be for 3 days and 2 nights and their website is royal seas cruises dot com. All in one word. I looked it up online and I saw reviews about it saying it’s a scam and it’s a timeshare thing they want to sell you and they pressure you for 4 hours to buy it. I also read they take your money and how they couldn’t get a hold of them when they decided to book or how they asked for a refund and didn’t get it back. I am so glad I never give my card number out over the phone and any time someone says I have a free trip and they ask for money, forget it.

What is your best way of dealing with telemarketers? Any pranks or jokes or any acting you did?

After I hung up, they didn’t call back and I changed my diaper.

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