My ABU Preschool cloth like review

This morning I changed out of my wet Bambino Classico and changed into a ABU Preschool cloth like I got at the munch.

I wet it while I was on the computer and I felt it go to the back. I also worked out in it and saw the diaper was ripping from the bottom left tab so I taped it and the other side to be safe. I wet it other times but lot of it were light ones and I did another big one and it felt squishy. I can’t remember when I wet it and how many bug settings I did but they held better than the Classico. But I had a slight leak so I changed into a DC Amor I also got at the munch.

I would buy these diapers and also try the plastic backed and they are in my price range which is why I am thinking of trying Dry 24/7s and Absorbancy Plus from XP medical and barebums.

I feel a bowel movement coming so I know I will mess this diaper soon. I can’t wait to get off this damn train because of people arguing with a lady and they are too stupid to ignore her. Thank god only two more stops left.

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