The pain on Dailydiapers forum

Last month they had some malware attack so it locked down the forum where no one could post. Then it went back to October 25th and not only that, it also deleted all the stories and lot of the peoples posts leaving only quotes or the beginning of their posts. It’s very annoying and forum is still recovering from the loss. sadly people have lost their stories because they didn’t bother saving them to their computer or to Onedrive or google documents, etc.

I still have my old stories I had written from when I was in high school but they are on a disc somewhere and now I have my current stories and they are on One drive and I don’t need to use a external hard drive anymore to back up everything. I can just go to the office65 website and log into my account and I can access Word on there and access my files there on any computer.

I deleted my story thread on there since I didn’t want to bother restoring all my chapters and it was going to get deleted anyway by admin and mods and I didn’t get very many comments to the story but I did restore my other one since it was a short story I wrote.

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