Daddy changed my diaper again

My Bambino was reeking of urine and it needed to be changed. I felt slightly damp on my pants but discovered I had leaked a little because I had a little dark spot on my jeans. I took some photos and then went downstairs and started to turn my husband on so he could change me. I pulled my pants down and posed to him and put on a sexy face and then we went upstairs. I laid on my bed but he pulled me up and took off my shirt and I told him this would be a good video to take but he protested saying he likes his life to be private so I told him we can blur out his face and he said he wants mine to be private too. I said I would cover my face. He started to undo my diaper and he removed it and cleaned me up. I had some poop in my butt hole so he cleaned that up. Then he had sex with me and I kept talking about if I were a diaper stripper and if there was such thing and asking about making videos together and selling them to porno sites. He said he would think about it.

Then when he was done having sex, he cleaned me up again and I was on my period because he found blood. Then he put rash cream on me and diapered me but he used the wrong diaper. Oh well. Then I snapped another photo after he left. I wonder how he would react if he discovered I was putting myself out there faceless. He wasn’t too keen on diaper videos. I have always fantasized being in diaper videos so I told him not to worry because I don’t think we have any ABDL model places here or any ABDL studios. Not in our area.

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