Parenting fail 101

Plastic pants are supposed to hold in the smell right? Wrong. Don’t believe everything you read online.

This morning I got in the car with my kids and my son asks me “What is that smell?”
I realize I am reeking of urine and I play dumb asking “what smell?”
He said “It smells like rotten eggs, your breath.”
I roll down his window to try and air it out and he still smelled it he says. I couldn’t go inside to change because I had to get him to school or he would have been late. He moved on playing his 3DS and the smell did go away and then it came back later on the way home. I also realized how soaked my diaper felt while I felt dry this morning when I got out of bed even though I had peed in it several times at night. I woke up a couple times, laid on my back and peed and laid on my side again. None of them felt like big ones.

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