Had to change at work

After I got done with work, I still had ten minutes left and my diaper was reeking of urine. I was debating if I should go change but figured I will wait until I get home. But I peed again and I sat down and I felt the wetness spread all over. I felt it was leaking too in my plastic pants so I went in the bathroom to change. I had brought my wipes and rash cream with and I took photos first and then started changing. The leg bands were all wet and I had no way of rinsing them so I stuck it in my purse where I kept my spare Tena. I also had to look for a plastic bag in the break room so I did. I used it to put my wet diaper in and by the time I was done, it was time to clock out. I clocked out and took the diaper with me and threw it away in the dumpster.

I was lucky I found a plastic bag or otherwise I would have had to go to the storage room and get a plastic bag to put the used diaper in and it would have been transparent. Luckily no one came in the break room nor was anyone on the freight elevator or on the loading dock. I am still not comfortable being seen with a dirty diaper in my hand.

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