I can’t hear through the whining and yelling

Someone posted a video on a ABDL forum about a small child being forced into diapers. I watched it and didn’t understand it. What was happening in the video, why was she crying? Why is the mother yelling and what is the little girl saying and the mom? When someone is whining and crying, I can’t understand a word they are saying, same goes for the mother shouting. All I am hearing is noise noise noise and I can’t make out the words. Then I cannot judge the video because I have no idea what the hell is going on in it. But from reading the comments, the mom is mad at her for wetting the bed or her pants, I don’t know which she did and I don’t know if the mom had made her wear that diaper during the day or what but at that age it’s pretty normal to be wearing a diaper and you can’t really humiliate a small child because they have no concept of it. Though my brother got humiliated when he was three or four when my mom spanked him at our neighborhood sledding hill because he left our house without waiting for her. there were other kids at the hill and my brother has always been more advanced and my mom thinks he might have been gifted. He is very smart and excellent at math and in 4th grade he was doing 5th grade school work and in high school he was taking classes for higher grades and was allowed to not take all his freshman classes so he could do harder classes. Now he is a lawyer and is working his first year as one.

When my children whine, I can’t understand what they are saying and I can never stand to hear the sound. So when parents tell their kids they can’t understand them when they whine, I think they really do mean it and are not just saying it to get them to stop as some people have claimed. Not everyone can process the words when someone is whining. My youngest brother can’t even hear a word you are saying when you are yelling at him. That was probably why he never listened to my parents growing up because he couldn’t understand them when they were yelling at him until age 16 when he told our mother when she yells at him, all he is hearing is the yelling, not the words. What did my mother do after that, she started to talk to him in a quiet normal voice I couldn’t even tell when she was mad at him because to me yelling means mad, no yelling means not mad. Now I know you don’t need to yell to show you are mad so my question is how can you tell when someone is mad at you if they are not yelling at you? I guess this is one of those guessing games people play. I will know someone is mad if they tell me they are. They will say things like “I am not happy with you” “I am upset with you.”

My wet ABU Simple

I am on my computer again so I thought I would do a quick post here of my wet diaper. I enjoy seeing used diapers and the insides of them and I know there are others out there too who also love it which is why I do it. No I don’t do requests so what you see here is all you get.


This diaper was smelling of urine so I thought I should change and only saw I was wet in the middle. These do hold a lot and they start smelling before you use them to its full capacity.