My diaper was smelling badly

My Teddies Bambino was smelling strongly of urine so I had to change out of it at work. I forgot to bring wipes and rash cream so I left the bathroom and my co-worker who was signing out literally caught me with my pants down. Lucky she couldn’t see my bare pussy and I pulled my pants up and buttoned them and she tries to make small talk with me by saying “it’s cold in here.” I just say “yeah” and grab some paper towels and go back in the bathroom. I dipped the paper towels in the urinal and wiped the pee off my skin. Then I toss them in the plastic bag with my used diaper and I put the clean Classico on. The co worker was still clocking out as I put it on and then I tied the bag closed and stuck it in my purse and put the purse on and grabbed my phone and left the bathroom.

Yeah so dumb of me to leave the bathroom with my pants halfway down thinking no one will see it because I am always the only person there.

The co worker left after I got out of the bathroom and I did some exercises in the break room I got out of from my old Seventeen magazines. I still smelled some urine but I wasn’t sure if it was from the used diaper or if I still had it on my skin. I don’t smell it now and I threw the diaper away on the loading dock as I was leaving. I think I need to drink more water again because it was very yellow in the diaper. Mine is usually pail or light yellow in the diaper as seen in the Twitter photos.

Diapering my husband

My husband has been wanting me to baby and diaper him but I am more of a babygirl than a mommy. I enjoy being a babygirl than a mommy. Our kids are away so it was just us two alone and we did a couple errands and came back and I went to the basement to put some stuff away he bought at the store. It was buy 2 and get 1 free they were doing so he got several toys. More Christmas presents for the kids and I am thinking of doing Black Friday and do that as Christmas shopping and be done with it. I don’t plan on buying lot of presents this year for the kids because they have enough toys and they just throw them all over anyway and my son has broken Cookie syndrome. Any plushie that gets a rip in the seem or any toy that quits working perfectly (one Pikcahu cheek quit lighting up so he didn’t want that toy anymore) he doesn’t want anymore. He does it with food too. I tell him when he plays with his plushies, they are going to get rips in them. Only way for them to last is if he never plays with them and he only has them on a shelf for display like what I do with my TY beanies and Shopkins.

I rearranged the diapers in the freezer we use as a storage closet and I found some under pads and a few Tenas and Tranquility or Nu Fit. I found some other diapers too I forgot about. Those are all my backup diapers and I still have two unopened packs of ABU Simple down there and one pack of Wellness Briefs and I still have one unopened pack of Goodnites from the year 2006 when I purchased them and they expired back in 2009 and the pack feels heavy.

I came upstairs with the underpads and I accidentally disappointed my husband because he thought I was going to diaper him when he saw the stuff. I put them in my room and discovered I accidentally brought up Tena size Small Super (US version). I also put a underpad on the sofa where I sit and I decided to diaper my husband so I got one out of his room and surprised him. But he turned it down saying he didn’t feel good. I was about to take the diaper back downstairs when he said he liked to be forced into them so I decided to not take no for an answer this time. So I ordered him to get in the living room and lie down so he did and pulled his pants down and showed me how much weight he had lost. I put the diaper on him and he helped me with it. I told him he needed to lose more so the tabs will be in the front than on the side.

He pulled his pants back up and I went to work later and he barely used it when I got back because he has been dehydrated. He drinks water but he sweats it out because he has been sick. He has a strep throat and the medication he started today has been making him feel better. Our son had it too so I also had to take him to the doctor and they gave him medicine for it. My husband thinks he caught it from him. Lately I have been having headaches and been tired. I hope I am not getting it and I have had a cold too and runny nose. So far no sore throat and no bad migraines.

It’s Thanksgiving and my husband is sick.

My Diaper Change

I was smelling badly because my diaper was wet and messy. I got tired of the smell so I decided to go upstairs to change, My husband asked where I was going and I said “to change.”

I was taking off my fitness shorts when Daddy came in and told me to get up on the bed. I got on the bed and he took out a ABU Simple diaper instead of the Bambino Bianco. I was hoping our daughter wouldn’t barge in my room but Daddy told me he told her to stay downstairs. he removed my diaper and said “yucky” and then told me “I didn’t know you were stinky.”

I told him I thought he knew and he said his nose is clogged. That explains it.

He wiped the mess off my butt first with the diaper and then he cleaned me up with Huggies wiped and then he put the clean diaper under me and put rash cream on me. Then he had to rush putting it on because we could hear our daughter coming so I had to fix the diaper tabs and then she came in so I squatted down on the floor to hide my diaper behind the coffee table I had by my bed to make room for my work outs. My husband was standing by my doorway so she couldn’t see anything behind him and he shut the door behind him while I finished getting dressed. We really need to get a lock on my door. One of my online friends warned me back in 2010 to be careful because one of his real life friends got caught getting her diaper changed by her three year old son. He came in their room and she was in the middle of getting her butt wiped by his dad. We have had our close calls and my husband would be in front of me so our kid didn’t see anything when he barged in our room. That was about a year ago when my room was still in the basement before moving back up to the second floor. There were times when we couldn’t even finish so I had to do the rest. But that is what you sign up for when you have kids. You’re not always going to be able to do everything and finish everything. I once had to call in sick to stay home to take care of my son because my husband was sick and so were my parents and I was the only one well. The boss understood because he was a parent himself so he knew these things. My daughter hadn’t been born yet nor concieved.

Vacation give away scam

So I was in my room playing Miitopia when my phone rang. It was from a local number so I picked up. It was about asking if someone in my home is hearing impaired so I said no. Then they start telling me about how they are giving away free trips to Florida. Oh this again. But I stay on the line this time and act all interested while my Bianco leaked. I put the phone on speaker so I could still play my game and I answer their questions and I write down the information they give me. But the moment they asked for my card number, I told them I was no longer interested and hung up. I wasted their time and do not care. I wonder what other things I can do to waste their time. I could give my phone to one of my kids to talk into or stay on the line and leave the phone sitting down or act stupid or keep coughing or keep shouting at imaginary people in my home or act deaf and see what happens. I read if everyone wasted their time, they would be losing money and you keep them from a sucker.

If anyone is curious, the vacation thing was to Florida and going on a cruise to the Caribbean and it would be for 3 days and 2 nights and their website is royal seas cruises dot com. All in one word. I looked it up online and I saw reviews about it saying it’s a scam and it’s a timeshare thing they want to sell you and they pressure you for 4 hours to buy it. I also read they take your money and how they couldn’t get a hold of them when they decided to book or how they asked for a refund and didn’t get it back. I am so glad I never give my card number out over the phone and any time someone says I have a free trip and they ask for money, forget it.

What is your best way of dealing with telemarketers? Any pranks or jokes or any acting you did?

After I hung up, they didn’t call back and I changed my diaper.

My DC Amor experience

Have they changed the diapers? The tabs held better and didn’t rip from the diaper and I didn’t notice any bad smell but my nose is clogged from the cold.

I put one on yesterday and I peed in it several times but they weren’t big ones. Then I came home and I pooped and slept in it and did big settings in it at night and I wore it all morning and peed more in it. The diaper never leaked and it got too uncomfortable and started to feel gross so I changed out of it. No wonder these are very expensive diapers. Go to the website and they cost over $200 for a case. The design is cute but how much they cost and can hold is too much. Last time I wore them, they smelled due to poor odor control so I had to change when it could hold more. I say these are great use for travel or when there won’t be any access to the bathroom.

My ABU Preschool cloth like review

This morning I changed out of my wet Bambino Classico and changed into a ABU Preschool cloth like I got at the munch.

I wet it while I was on the computer and I felt it go to the back. I also worked out in it and saw the diaper was ripping from the bottom left tab so I taped it and the other side to be safe. I wet it other times but lot of it were light ones and I did another big one and it felt squishy. I can’t remember when I wet it and how many bug settings I did but they held better than the Classico. But I had a slight leak so I changed into a DC Amor I also got at the munch.

I would buy these diapers and also try the plastic backed and they are in my price range which is why I am thinking of trying Dry 24/7s and Absorbancy Plus from XP medical and barebums.

I feel a bowel movement coming so I know I will mess this diaper soon. I can’t wait to get off this damn train because of people arguing with a lady and they are too stupid to ignore her. Thank god only two more stops left.


I went to the munch in a while and some guy there brought extra diapers to give away and they were all mediums. They were all mixed; Classicos, Preschool cloth like, Super Dry Kids, DC Amor. I took the DC Amor one. I think a few others were taken out of the bag too because they were for anyone to take. I wanted to grab a bunch of them but there were too many people and I wanted to save the rest for others. I decided to wait until everyone leaves and then take the remaining. But that didn’t go as I planned it. I took out all the diapers to see what was there and I left them out on the chair and table thinking it was no big deal. Then I saw the person who was running the group putting them back in the bag and she took the whole bag with her. I thought she was so greedy,taking them all for herself and none of them would even fit her because of her size.

So I walked over to her and asked if she was taking them all home with her and she told me someone left them all out and they can’t have that in a restaurant here and open diapers are not allowed.




That was me. I thought that was only for showing them off you have on and making it obvious you are diapered and showing them, I didn’t know they meant you cannot leave any clean diapers on the table or out where anyone can see them, they must be in bags and stay in the bag or your purse, etc. I just saw diapers as a thing, an item, not see it as something sexual like a condom or a sex toy. I wonder if it would be bad if tampons were left out in the open or menstrual pads or moon cups. I used to just throw my bloody tampons away in the trash not even knowing I was supposed to wrap it in toilet paper so one day at work, one of my co workers complained there was a bloody tampon in the wastebasket in the restroom and I said that was mine and my boss started yelling at me to remove it and I thought her reaction was funny because she was over reacting over something normal all women have. My mom had to talk to me about it when I got home (yes my boss would call my mother to tell her things about me so my mom would talk to me about it). I was 20 or 21 when it happened. But it was another unwritten rule no one told me about having to wrap up your menstrual used products before throwing them away. Then that explained why I always saw wrapped up pads and tampons. I wonder if we all have to roll up our diapers too? I always thought people do that to save room in the trash. I roll mine up to save room but I don’t always roll them up and just put them in the pail open. Then I dump them all in the bad when it’s full. But not all moms and caregivers wrap up baby diapers because I see opened ones in the trash all the time. I empty the trash in daycare at work so I see opened diapers all the time when taking it out.

But I asked the guy why can’t diapers be left out in the open and he told me it’s probably because the people working there might freak out if they saw them because they’re unusual. Okay that makes sense. We don’t want to make the people working there uncomfortable they ban our munches.