“Mom, don’t order Shopkins anymore.”

I love shopkins, I think they are so cute. I have some of the Kinstructions sets and I have a couple Happy Places playsets and some Shopkin magnets and trading cards and keychains and Shopkins figures and some Shopkin beauty stuff and necklaces. I will try and find them at Goodwill whenever I am there. One time I found a pack of them but someone had opened the pack and took all the Shopkins but another time I found an unopened box of a Kinstructions set and bought it.

I will also take advantage of my kids’ book orders by ordering Shopkin books from them. I have done it from my son’s because they always have Shopkins in there and one day he told me “Mom, I don’t want you ordering Shopkins anymore” and I asked him why and he said kids tease him about it when he gets the books. I told him to just tell them I bought them for me because I like that stuff and he told me he did but they don’t believe him. I was so disappointed and said “oh man” like Sniper the Fox. Then my son told me I can order the books again but just one more time. I then opened his book order when I was home and ordered the Shopkin stuff again. At least I have a daughter and hopefully Shopkins will still be popular when she reaches kindergarten unless they start appearing in her preschool book order.

Being a parent sometimes is fun unless your kids tell you to stop doing something because it’s affecting them like being teased about it by other kids.

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