What do you call your daddy?

I either call him Daddy or by his name when we are out in public or when our kids are around. But when I am talking to them, I refer him as Dad and that is normal for all parents. I associate Daddy with the kinky kind so I never refer him as that when talking to the kids. There is Dad and Daddy. Plus Daddy sounds too babyish which is why I associate it with ABDL or with littles or DDLG. That is something small children call their Dads. Same with Mommy which is why I associate it with ABDL and littles and MMLB. It would be too weird to call my real mom and dad Mommy and Daddy.

This question was posted on Fetlife and I couldn’t say much because they don’t allow talk there about real kids so they might see my response as TMI. I once talked about potty training because it was about potty training your real kids while being ABDL (someone else posted the thread) and someone told me it was TMI for on there and someone else told them to save their sanity, do not read my blog. That is one of my things; doing TMI about anything. I don’t know when to stop. So it’s always best to not mention it at all.