My husband is being a daddy again

For the past few days I have been coming home from work and my husband has been serving me my dinner with a toddler fork and kiddy plate.

Today I come home again and I had to serve myself up some dinner so he could heat it up for me. Then he tells me he will bring it up to me so  finish loading the dishwasher and head upstairs and I get undressed and change my diaper because it was leaking and I had a wet spot on my pants. Then I put my jamese on and get ready to watch Dr. Phil and to get on my computer again to update the Links in this blog. Then my husband comes in my room and he had a kiddy fork but no kiddy plate and he said I had too much food for it to be on a kiddy plate. He also had a big glass of water to give me and he set it on the coffee table with my dinner. I finally told him to get his clothes off my bed and bring them downstairs with him so he does. I had those on my bed for weeks and kept forgetting to bring them to the basement so I finally told him to bring them down with him.

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