A couple videos

I decided to show off my diaper here while my kids were in school. It’s a little wet and I also show not my so perfect body and the inside of my diaper.



This is my diaper bag I got at Goodwill and it’s also my purse too. My son calls it a diaper bag and I asked him why did does he keep calling it that and he told me “It looks like a diaper bag.” I shot this right before I left for work. Things I have kept in it were wipes and rash cream, plastic bag, umbrella, padlock, my Nintendo Switch and its carry case, original Nintendo DS and its carry case with charger, and I also put my phone in there. It can get pretty heavy. It’s obviously a purse because you can see the slots for where you put your credit cards. I sometimes get asked in stores by cashiers they have to hold the bag behind the counter. Yes it has my wallet in it and my phone but it will be there when I pay or leave and I can ask for it then when I am buying something.