That awful smell in the bathroom

So for the past couple days the toilet had been smelling very badly upstairs. I thought it was from it not being flushed so I told my kids they had to flush it after peeing in it. I flushed it and the smelled was still there so I figured maybe my son missed the toilet and got some pee on the floor and maybe my daughter had an accident and got pee on the floor when she tried going.

So today I was doing some cleaning and I decided to clean the toilet and the floor around it so I bring up the mop and bleach and paper towels. I mops near the toilet and sure enough there was a dry spot by the vent and thought it was urine I was mopping up and then I clean the toilet since there was some pee on the bowl and the seat was dirty too and had some poop smears on it and I clean it. As I am cleaning around it too, I notice my wet diaper on the floor right next to it and that had to be from last week so that was that awful stench smell I was smelling, not the toilet. I remembered I took it off and set it on the floor and forgot about it. So it had been sitting there all that time and I took care of it after I was done cleaning the toilet. I threw the diaper away in the bucket in my bedroom. ow the bathroom smells like bleach now.