I think I noticed another diaper on someone

Friday was my last day at the gym because I decided to cut bills so I cancelled it but they put my membership on hold instead for if I do decide to come back. The maximum is three months and this lady from ZUMBA class said to me, “You’re not going to do ZUMBA anymore?” and I said “I can do them at home, they have the videos on Youtube” and she said, “it’s no fun doing it all by yourself.” She has no idea. I have gotten myself dizzy there a few times where it feels like everything is gone in slow motion so I take a drink of water to see if it will go away and I keep at it ignoring the slow motion feeling like I am not there and my head feeling weird. It doesn’t happen every time.

But when I was in that class on Friday, I noticed an elder woman there who looked to be in her seventies or sixties and I could tell she was diapered because it was all puffy in her butt area. I wasn’t the only one wearing a diaper there. I wasn’t trying to find diapers on her, I just like looking at other people and seeing what they have on and how their bodies look and their hair and I noticed.