Weight loss is a sensitive topic

I have seen threads about people being too small to fit into adult diapers because of how difficult it is to find mediums. Most people just tell them to put on weight or tell them about websites that sell adult size smalls. I have given that advice too.

But the opposite happened. someone wrote on a forum about being too big to fit into diapers and how most places won’t sell in his size with a 48 waist and how he requested to ABU to make a XL but they said no because of not enough demand. I gave him advice to lose the weight so he can fit into ABDL diapers. I told him to make his portions smaller, cut out calorie drinks and only drink water, cut back on sweets, work out for at least a half hour a day and he doesn’t need to join a gym for it, youtube has work out videos. Then I said I worked out three times a week and lost 14 lbs and I also cut back on sweets and did the gym.

Two hours later he deleted his OP saying he had been ridiculed and being told what a fat slob he is. I never said he was one and I never ridiculed him. But I have been seeing at r/fatlogic about fat people getting offended about someone losing weight or trying to change their life by deciding to change their diet to lose the weight or getting offended about how weight loss works and how they can lose it when they whine about how they can’t lose any and then someone telling them how it is possible and what they need to do. Lot of people are overweight because of how much  calories they consume and also because they give themselves the amount of calories their body uses so of course they’re not going to lose weight. Very few are overweight due to a medical issue. I also learned on r/fatlogic how high or low metabolism is a myth and it has to do with how much energy you use and how active you are and people tend to overestimate how much they eat or under estimate how much they eat. Sure I can have one day of over eating and then I drop the weight because I don’t eat like that everyday but that doesn’t mean I have high metabolism. I can eat one big meal and then not eat for the rest of the day and that is okay and skipping meals is not starving yourself nor is it an eating disorder and eating little isn’t one either, it’s actually normal and you’re not supposed to eat three big meals a day and having a sandwich for lunch and nothing else is fine. What I was doing is normal not an eating disorder I have been diagnosed as having. I think I recovered from it and just as long as I stay active and work out, I won’t have one.

I stood on the scale this morning and was up to 121 again, I have had too much to eat is why and now I am back to cutting back on sweets again and I had that one day where I consumed lot of calories because I ate at the IHOP which was 740 calories for the stack of pancakes and the glass of orange juice, then I had a cupcake and a can of mac and cheese which was two servings and it was 500 calories total. Then I had another cupcake. Then yesterday i had two cupcakes again and a banana and some other sweets I found at work and I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home and for dinner I had some salad and chicken and it was a small plate but still too many calories that day I consumed because of sugar. Now I am going to cut back on calories again and that will keep my weight down. hat is why we have scales so we know our calorie intake and can watch our weight and know to cut back. I also forgot to mention I had diet pop yesterday but I didn’t have the whole can. But I finished it today and I had yogurt and one Reese’s candy. I love chocolate but I couldn’t have a bunch of it or have more than one and I will not eat again until noon.

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  1. This day and age people seem to be offended by anything and everything. I would tell this person that diabetes doesn’t care if your offended. Neither does heart decease. Congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up!

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