Looks like I don’t have to get potty trained

My daughter is finally using the potty. It started with my husband buying her these Little Charmers dolls and a pack of little girl underwear that were Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins. We also did a sticker chart and that got her motivated to learn to use the potty. I would let her pick out a sticker and I even put on my Barbie underwear and showed them to her and she got excited because she opened her mouth. Then I would put a diaper on when I would go to work and I wore them at night. It would just be during the day sometimes I wouldn’t have one on and I showed my panties to her three times and had her watch me go potty twice and it worked. I didn’t have to get potty trained after all. She still has accidents but I think one time she couldn’t get her pants down quick enough to go and this time she couldn’t get her nightgown out of the way so she couldn’t pull down her panties and she peed in them. She still needs help going to the toilet and she still isn’t bowel trained but we’re working on it. I wouldn’t consider her fully potty trained and just say she is working on it still. But at least she is going on her own now but still needs help when she has clothes on. One time she tried to go poopy in the potty and she didn’t make it and she made a big mess instead by trying to clean herself up and got it all over herself and the toilet so I had to give her a bath and it took me about ten minutes to clean up the mess she made. She also got pee on her nightgown too so I had to take it off. It looked like she sat on the toilet like that but she forgot to pull her panties down and make sure the nightgown wasn’t in the way. Now she won’t let me put clothes on her and she keeps running to the potty because she is trying to poop. Then she goes to the one upstairs because it has the toddler’s toilet seat and she is using a stepping stool to try and go. But at least I don’t have to take her every half hour anymore because she now knows when to go and can recognize when she has to go.


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