When AB/DL minds look at a question differently

What happens when you are in a fetish community and you see innocent questions being asked? The way some of them are phrased can come off as something else to a dirty mind. Especially if you are an AB/DL.


I knew that is not what they meant when they asked it and it was just me having an AB/DL mind.

Funny Reddit comment

So the question was what was the worst parenting you have ever seen and if they had asked instead what was the worst parenting you have ever heard, I would have had much darker stories to tell like the time I was in 7th grade and my English teacher tells us a story about a student being beaten up by her mother one morning while drunk and she goes to school with a bloody nose and stands in front of her class and says something inappropriate, or the time I heard from my mother how it was normal in our small town for kids to be kicked out of their homes for their “out of control behavior” when in fact it was just them arguing or talking back and they were not treated like human like their thoughts mattered so they thought my parents were weird and strange and told them they weren’t normal, or the time I heard from my mother how my old school district got sued because her 13 year old son died from being frozen to death during school hours and he had been drinking and it turned out she had lost another son in the mobile home fire and he was also drunk and was too drunk to even wake up to escape and the mom never was a parent to them so she lost the case and the school district won. That happened after I moved or around the time before I moved but it was after I got out of high school and I was an adult on my own.

But anyway I wrote that about seeing a kid’s ear being pulled and someone on there who I have never even seen nor ever talked to already knew about me so she told me I pooped in my diapers in front of my children and I call that bad parenting? I looked through her comment history and she sounded like a legitimate user and not a troll so I figured my username must have drawn her attention so she must have read through my posts and maybe saw my blog here and read it and went back to make that post.

My kids don’t even know I am pooping in them because I can do stuff while shitting in it and I am not squatting or grunting so no one would know I am doing it. I just relax my muscles and give it a push and it comes out on its own and I do some pushing but there is no squatting or pausing and grunting. But the other day when the urge hit me that I needed to poop, I just went in the kitchen and pooped in there because no way was I going to do it in front of the kids if I had to stand and wait for it to come out and I did grunt and push hard and I did pause. I don’t do that in front of them. Then when I was done pooping, I went back in the living room and sat down. Then I had to change out of it later when we were going out.

So it’s funny how people just make the worst assumptions and instead of just defending myself, I just laugh about it and I could troll them if I want to so I wrote back to that lady “lol I see my username got your attention. Thanks for your comment.”