What have you found in your diaper?

I pooped my diaper twice today. I felt the urge while I was still laying down and then I got up so I could do it and I felt the urge while I was getting my kids their breakfast and then I was relaxing my muscles and letting the poop come out and then I felt it was in my diaper. I barely even pushed it out and they didn’t even notice it because I didn’t squat or pause.

Then I stayed in it for awhile and then changed before going out to get my hair cut with my son. Then I came home and not too long later, I felt cramping again and this time the cramping felt different so I pushed it out and this time I did squat and paused but I was alone when I did it and then I was done so I sat down again and I felt cramping again so I stood up and pushed more out and it was softer and I sat down and I could feel the mess being bigger and it spreading. I wasn’t in it long when my husband decided about an hour later he wanted to go out. My dad noticed the poopy smell and thought it was my daughter. One of the greatest things about having small children, people assume it’s them and they get the blame. I didn’t say anything.

I got the kid’s ready and had them dressed. My son dressed himself and I got my daughter dressed and my husband had stuff to do before we leave so I asked him in his ear if he could change me and he said he would and I told him I was poopy and he said “okay.”

Then after my husband was done paying the bills and doing stuff in a internet game on my dad’s computer we went in the basement and he changed me and it was a big mess. I had the chair in front of the door so our kids couldn’t come in and catch us. Then after he was done changing me, I had to take care of my dirty diaper and I looked at my poop and I saw how soft it was and I noticed corn shells in my diaper. I had corn a couple days ago for dinner.

I threw the diaper away in the Bambino bag the diapers came in and took it outside with the other dirty diapers I already had in the bag.

So anything weird or unusual or interesting you have found in your diapers?