It was Valentine’s at the munch and I nearly went to the house for the after party but backed out the last minute because it was late and I forgot my son didn’t have school tomorrow and the house is on the other side of the area, not my direction where I live.

But it was a one year anniversary of the munch and the person running it told us the rules because it had been a problem in the past and these things have actually happened, they were.


Drawing inappropriate things like sexual body parts. Someone actually did that so they drew them on the balloons and they were all over the room and they got near the door way and they nearly went out in the restaurant and there are kids out there so if they saw one of them, they could have gotten kicked out of the restaurant and banned and it would have been all over the media.

This is not a hook up group. People in the past have gotten creepy there and since she mentioned it not being a hook up group, I figured ABs and DLs have gone there to try and find a date and it’s meant to be a safe group, no creepy behavior and she doesn’t want to turn it into a couples group only where bigs have to be with a partner, not be single so no hitting up with someone.

No baby talk. They have a rule about no adult talk so some people thought they had to do baby talk but apparently that is not what no adult talk meant. Maybe they meant no sexual talk. I asked what is adult talk, is it sex so she explained adult talk is like discussion your work, relationship issues, politics, and it’s meant to be a safe group where people can be free from those things and we have 30 and 29 days to talk about all that stuff.

No exposing yourself. Some ABs and DLs in the past have showed their diapers and this is a public place so someone could walk in here and see it so this is not a place to show your diapers.

This is a littles group but everyone is welcome. In the past she has gotten messages from DLs wondering what is with all this stuff they are seeing that is too childish.

No touching and hugging other people. In the past people have done it and it would make some people there feel uncomfortable.

No taking photos. They don’t want people taking photos in the room and if they do, they need to ask peoples permission first to be in the photo and she doesn’t want to start taking away cameras and making everyone keep their phones in their purse. I asked what if we blocked out the faces and she said no they are not consenting so no photos. You can wait after everyone leaves.

No underage. Apparently some underage people have came to the munch and once she finds out they are not 18 yet, she tells them to leave and she is just going by the law because 18 is the consent age in our state. She isn’t making that rule, it’s the law. If you are 16 or 17, you can wait another year or two and they might still be here. Just follow the over 18 rule and they might still be there when you turn 18. They don’t want to have to fold the group because other littes groups have been formed and didn’t last in our area and she doesn’t want it to be this group.

If she has to keep warning you or reminding you of the rules, you will be removed from the munch and not ever come back.


So what I learned from all this was how stupid some people could be (the penises on balloons thing) and how some minors have snuck into the munch and some people took the “no adult talk” literal and some have no sense of personal space so they were putting their hands on others or hugging them.