My mother

Back in 2009 and 2010, my mom had cancer so she had to get treatment for it and now she has pinched nerves and her feet get tingly sometimes and she lives in pain 24/7 due to the side affect the treatment has done to her body. She will get tightness in her tummy area and once a year she will have to stay home from work because the pain is so bad. But yet she lives like normal because she still does everything as normal and has no limitations.

But the cancer has taken a toll on her bladder so she is now wearing small pads because she when coughs or sneezes, she leaks urine. I have overheard her talking about it several times and I don’t really understand the details or remember the details and never asked her about it because I figure it’s none of my business and I don’t want to know about her loss of bladder control and seeing if it will get any worse because the thought of my own mother being in diapers somehow feels creepy and talking about it with her. It’s like “Dude, why would you want to engage in this with your own mother?”

I hope I never get cancer because it seems to run in my family. My mom’s mother has had it and my dad’s brother had it and passed away in summer of 2015 right before I turned 30. My dad’s mother had it too and she passed away because she was too old to be getting treatment for it because she was in her 90’s and it would have been very painful for her and killed her anyway so we had nature take its course. Then there is my mom’s oldest sister who has had cancer several times and magically cured herself from it. My mom says she’s never had it and she just has Munchausen’s. But that doesn’t count if her cancer wasn’t even real. I don’t know if anyone else in my family tree who has had cancer.

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