Drip drip

This morning I changed out of my very wet Tena regular US brand and as I was wiping myself, I felt pee coming out of me so I wiped my labia part where pee was dripping to absorb the pee where it was dripping out. Then I put rash cream on and put on a clean diaper and then I noticed my pajamas were all wet in the crotch so I must have dripped there too. But I was getting dressed anyway so it didn’t matter. I felt the outside of my wet Tena and I didn’t appear to pee through it so I must have dripped on my pajamas while I was wiping myself and putting on rash cream.

Then when I was taking my son to school, I felt myself dripping again in my diaper while I was walking in the building with him and I realized I was already wet and couldn’t remember when I wet the diaper.