Diapers came in handy

I got the same sickness again I had last year; nausea, headaches, body aches, diarrhea, gas. I caught it from my daughter this time and my son got the same sickness at the same time as me. It started out with me being tired and my husband thought I should call in but I refused and still went to work and it got worse there because I started to feel dizzy like I was going to pass out and I had diarrhea, and my body ached but I finished my work and went home.

I still showered and then I went to bed right away but I still watched Dr. Phil and then I remembered my parents aren’t here so I can sleep in their bed so I did.

All night long I kept getting out of bed and having diarrhea and I would leak stool so diapers did come in handy. I can’t imagine doing it in my underwear and dirtying a bunch of them and I only threw up once but the rest of the time was all diarrhea and I was so full of shit. I hope I feel better by Tuesday.


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