I did it sitting

Almost every day I will need to poop so I do it in my diaper because it always happens at night. It has been very easy to do and I can relax my muscles and it just comes out but i still give it a push. But today I felt I had to poop again so I stayed seated and did it in my diaper and I still pushed it out but it also came out on its own when I relaxed the muscles. I had my butt lifted a little bit but I was still sitting and then there is the smell and it smells different. It feels very soft and i did it sitting and god the smell. it reminds me what I did.

If I keep this up, it might really really get easy and pretty soon I will be doing it naturally like I do when I wet my diapers. If I want to start messing myself in public, I will have to invest in some odor remover pills so it won’t stink and I would have to take them 24/7 or otherwise I would have to hold it and do it in the toilet.


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