Never wearing Wellness Briefs again

These are supposed to be good diapers and I swear they are not as good as they used to be when I wore them back in 2012. They feel thinner and they leak sooner. I feel these are not real diapers. At least I have Tena in the trunk of my car I found at Goodwill. I bought five packs of them. I am wearing a Molicare now because I discovered I still had one left when I was looking in the freezer one time in the basement we use as a storage cupboard. It’s built in the wall and it’s original to the house. I don’t even know if it works or not and it would be very expensive if it still worked and we used it. Plus I don’t want to empty it out and turn it on to see if it does or not. But the building where the freezer came from is still there but not the company. The address is on the freezer and the company name. But at least Molicare feels like a real diaper. It’s thick and soft and very comfy but only when it’s dry.

I won’t be worrying about wasting these diapers because I would rather use them as quickly as I can so I can buy more and this time get real diapers. Wellness Briefs act like regular diapers you find in stores or made cheaply. I wouldn’t even trust flooding them either or doing it lying down. So they are off my list.

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