Founds some Bambinos in our Freezer

This evening my husband wanted to change me because he told me to go get a diaper. Because I had used up the last pack of Teddies, I go in the old freezer we use as a storage closet and get out another pack and I open it and take one out. I also bring in the wipes and rash cream and I realized the diaper I brought in was a Classico. I thought I had used those up so that meant I had used up the Teddies and the last two packs I had seen in the freezer were the last two remaining packs of the Classicos. I thought they were the Teddies and I had stuck them in there when I was taking diapers out of the box they were shipped in.

I just ordered more diapers today too because I was down to the last 16 premium diapers. Bambinos weren’t doing another sale this Christmas so I had to buy the medical kind and I went for Wellness briefs this time on llmedico site.

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