I might not have to get toilet trained after all

My daughter has been sitting on the big potty instead of on her little potty chair. My husband had been showing her potty training videos for toddlers on youtube and she had been watching them. Then she had been sitting on the potty. She has been doing it since Halloween and peeing in it and even did a poop that first night. But the next day she regressed because she wouldn’t sit on it again but the next day she did. Then finally she got interested in it again two nights ago and peed in the toilet after my shower. Then last night she peed in it again after I took her wet pull up off. Then today this morning after she woke up, I out her on the potty and she peed and later in the morning she was pointing to her crotch and I took her upstairs and put her on the toilet again and she peed and wouldn’t get off the potty so I cleaned while she sat and then she came down and wouldn’t let me put the pull up back on her. She was pointing to her butt saying poop so I looked and didn’t see any poop. Then I tried to put her pull up back on her but she ran away saying no. I thought maybe she wanted to wear real underwear so I asked her what she wanted to wear and to show me so she runs upstairs and I follow her and she was saying poop and went in the bathroom and pointed in the potty and there was poop. I was so proud of her. Then finally I was able to put the pull up back on her and I told her see how much easier it was to poop in the potty because she didn’t need her butt wiped.

Yes there are actually people out there who don’t wipe their butts after taking a dump.

But I am hoping she will keep moving forward with her potty training and I told her if she keeps her pants dry all week, I will let her get underwear this weekend.

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