I used to watch these when I was 2-3. These were the only Sing Along videos I had at the time.


The video below is all in three parts. This was my favorite video of all time I must have worn it out because I remember when we moved into our new house, my mom kept telling me “There is no Heigh Ho” and I could never understand why she wouldn’t get it out for me and play it for me. Then one day she bought the tape at a store when we went out together and got food and stuff. I can remember her taking the packing off the tape and playing it for me. I never knew why she bought it again if we had it and where that other video went so I figure we either lost it or I wore it out so it got tossed. But when my parents took me to see Snow White when it came to theaters, they thought I would enjoy the moving because of the song I always liked to sing, but instead I got scared right when the Hunter took out his knife and I wouldn’t calm down so we left money wasted. To this day my mom still doesn’t know what happened except that “I got scared.”

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