I offended my husband

Last night I was in the basement getting my diaper changed and my husband had sex with me. I fell asleep a couple of times during it. Then I heard foot steps upstairs so I thought the kids were coming down. I told my husband that and he said “That’s why I said I was getting your diaper on, you fell asleep.” He put rash cream on me and then put the diaper on and then he had me take my clothes off. He took off my sweater and then I thought I heard him sigh like he wasn’t happy so I asked if I did something wrong and he said he didn’t say anything and he would’t laugh at me. He took my shirt off too and put my sleeper on and then I asked him if he was offended and he said he was. Ooops. I offended him for misreading him and then asking to be sure I read him right.

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