I’m so offended

Today I went to a Halloween Munch and we all wore our costumes. Most of us. There were lot of people there. We did a costume contest and the ones who wanted to do it, we all went to the front of the room and stood in a line and a person was handing out prizes. She was allowing people to pick. Then I was expecting to pick but she skipped me and the other guy next to me. I got her attention and so did the others saying she missed me and she said this was a contest. The other person said “Sorry you didn’t win anything.” I was so offended because I had on a Cookie Monster costume and it looked good and I felt it looked better than lot of others and some had good costumes too. But I felt so offended. But I didn’t cause a scene or throw a tantrum showing how offended I am. I just held it in. Then on the way home a new thought popped in my head for an online game in the games section on a forum. It would be called “I’m so offended” but then I thought it should be “What offended you today?” or “Post what offended you today.”

This thought popped in my head because of something recent that had happened on another forum and the word “offended” has been on my mind lately and the thoughts about how people will always be offended so it doesn’t matter what we do or what we change about ourselves, someone will always be offended. So I got home and got on my computer and posted the game thread “What offended you today?” and posted about me being offended for not winning and I said what costume I had on.

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