I changed my diaper in a kid school

Today was my son’s field trip to the pumpkin patch. I had to wait around near the school because we live seven miles away and it would have taken me about twenty minutes to get home and back so that would have been about ten minutes of being home and then having to leave again so I just close to the school and drove around. Then I went back to the school and grabbed our lunches and the umbrella and my purse and went inside. I signed in (at my son’s schools visitors and volunteers all need to sign in and out and wear a name tag or a badge) and went to his class and put his lunch with the rest of the lunches. All the kids had to use the bathroom before the field trip so I asked the teacher if they had bathrooms at the pumpkin patch and she said they do. Okay so I that meant I didn’t have to change before leaving. But shortly later after everyone had went, my diaper felt uncomfortable and it was smelling like urine so I figured I better change now so I am not doing it there.

I change in the girl’s restroom and I pick a stall that actually latches shut. the first one didn’t so I had to go to a different one. I noticed there were some kids in there still and they were so quiet. I saw though the stall cracks when I tried to open one of them and I saw a kid. So I changed and put the wet diaper on the toilet and the tabs didn’t make noise when I took it off. Then I cleaned myself with an adult wipe and stuck it in the diaper and put the clean one on and stuck the dirty wipe and the wet diaper in the plastic bag I had with and I washed my hands and I could hear the kids and parents leaving for the buses. I was going to take the wet diaper with and put it in my car but saw the big trash barrel by the restroom door and tossed it in there figuring no one is going to know. After all it was in the plastic bag and you couldn’t see through it because it was The Disney Store bag. Besides the trash can would get empty out that same day. Plus it was pretty empty still so it sunk to the bottom. Then I left.

And it’s another 3 day weekend, woo hoo. But is it for my son? I would have to check the school calendar.

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