Had to go diaperless

Today at work my diaper reeked of urine so bad I had to take it off. I didn’t want to smell that way on the way home and the smell had gotten worse by the end of my shift. So after I got done, I decided I was going to take it off. I had no extra diapers with me. I got a trash bag and went in the bathroom and took it off. It was only wet in the middle but it stunk so bad the whole bathroom smelled like piss. I rolled it up and put it in the trash bag and hid it under my coat for in case anyone came in the room. Then I clocked out and I went in the bathroom again and got some toilet paper and put it in my crotch to catch any drips or vaginal discharge. The whole entire break room smelled like pee because of the wet diaper. Then I went to the basement level and tossed the diaper in the dumpster and went up to the main floor and left.

I came home and I went straight to the basement to get a diaper on. My husband caught me and said “Ooo bad girl, I caught you without a diaper on, do you need a butt spanking.” I told him it smelled so bad of pee I took it off at work and i wasn’t going to smell like piss on the way home. He told me he was just messing with me. I got rash cream and diaper on and then got my pajamas on and had my mac and cheese.


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