If ABDL got treated like LGBT

This is something I see come up now and then in the ABDL community about age identity. I still don’t believe in it and I don’t think it’s the same as being transgender. Why? Because if age identity got treated the same as transgender these following things could happen:

Jesse has always felt like a seven year old so she decided to start identifying as a seven year old. Now that she is seven, she is now going to have to change her legal age and change the year she is born and will have to do this every year. Now that she has had her age changed, now she needs parent guardians because seven year olds don’t live on their own and make their own adult decisions. They need a mommy or daddy to do that for them and to raise them. Now that she is seven, she now has to either go to school or be homeschooled because it’s the law that kids have to go to school and seven year olds attend school. She also is not allowed to drive because she is seven. She also cannot smoke or drink or go to places on her own because she is seven. She can no longer vote because she is seven and now she has rules to follow and has restrictions about what she can watch and what she can do online. She can no longer do social networking because she is seven. She also can no longer work so she must do odd jobs and do chores to earn an allowance because she is seven. Oh and if she has kids, what happens, should she get them taken because seven year olds don’t have kids and shouldn’t be raising them. What if she is married? Oh she has to now get a divorce and her marriage is now invalid because seven year olds can’t get married. They also can’t be having sex so bye bye sex life. Is this what they want?

Now try two years old. Imagine what your life would be like if you tried to identify as a two year old. Do you want that lifestyle? It can’t be changed like how gender identity can’t be changed.

Feeling younger isn’t the same thing.

One thought on “If ABDL got treated like LGBT

  1. I could be called ABDL But since i’m still a teenager I consider myself a teen baby. I myself use TBDL lifestyle sometimes but not all the time. I mostly ageplay as a toddler though. My real age is 18 soon to be 19 but in my teen baby diaper lover world I am a one year old just put into pull ups. I’m a guy but mostly use girls pull ups, sippy cups, and pacifiers. I also have a Pack N Play i sleep in sometimes I have worn adult baby diapers before but noticed I can not wear them without having someone else change my diapers so even when I want to be a infant again I can’t. Anyways, About ABDL vs LGBT. I won’t get into the arguement over if LGBT is normal or not cause thats not what I want to mention. Iagree with you that it is not ok for a ABDL or a TBDL to claim they are a baby or toddler or someone they are not in age. To me it’s kind of like a lifesstyle and alternate world of some type.I know that I am 3 weeks from turning 19 and know that that is actually good as a ABDL becuase I no longer have to live with my parents who are against me using ABDL lifestyle as a escape from my problems. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and High Functioning Autism in kindergarten. To me, ABDL is my escape from reality for awhile , to a time before I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. When I was a infant and when I was 2 even when I was 4, I had no clue I was mentally ill. I got out of diapers at a late age. And honestly, I have been only out of diapers for about 2 years of my life. After I was diagnosed I also started having accedents while sleeping, resulting in another 2 years of diapers. By the time I had stopped wetting the bed I could not and did not want to stop wearing diapers. My sister came. I borrowed diapers from her till she outgrew her diapers and used all of her remaining diapers. My cousin turns 2 and she starts wearing pull ups, I share pull ups with her. I turn 13 and since I live in a small town I learned how to bike and biked to the drug store every week and baught more pull ups. that continued till I stopped bike riding at about 16. I still stocked up on diapers but I had taken up competative running so when I ran I ended my 3 mile run at the drug store and baught more goodnites , and made a Amazon account where large amounts of pull ups arived in bulk at my door. Also, when i was 13 my sister was adopted and she had to be in pull ups for 2 years. in those 2 years me and her made a deal. She said she would keep half of the diapers baught for her and she gave me the other half of each package today I buy my own diapers. How did you end up a adult baby?

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