Having my husband diaper check me

Yesterday I was in the kitchen cooking mac and cheese for myself and the kids. I had two kettles on the stove because I was cooking one of each, one Finding Dory and the other regular mac and cheese.

My husband came in the kitchen and started rubbing my butt and he said I was wet. I had just changed so I told him that and he said it felt wet. I said again I just changed it. Then I offered to show him and he said he believed me. But I pulled my pants down anyway and showed him my diaper while bending down and he said “Oh you’re dry.”

I did it right in the kitchen. There was no one else in the room.

Also what is it with rashes I keep getting on my skin. They are little bumps that itch and my mom killed all the fleas this weekend and I am still getting random itches and rashes. I know they’re not flea bites because they appear during the day for no reason at all and at work. If this doesn’t go away I would have to go to the doctor. But I will check first with everyone to see if they are still getting these rashes. I have most of them on my lower legs.

One thought on “Having my husband diaper check me

  1. Could be an allergy.

    Several years ago I had a rash on my lower legs and forearms that didn’t go away for about 3-4 months. Eventually I went through a battery of chemical allergy tests and found out I had developed contact allergies to: the brand of detergent I was using at the time, the chemical used in most fabric softeners, AND the fixative chemical they use to make the blue dye stick when they make denim. And I’d been wearing jeans and denim jackets all the time. So I changed detergents, trashed the fabric softener and gave away all my denim, and the rash cleared up in about a week and never came back.

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