Went to a AB munch in a long time

It’s been a while since I last been to a AB munch. Maybe four years? I skipped my group today and went here instead because I knew it would be too exhausting to go to both social groups. I was already exhausted from taking my son to Dave & Buster’s because I had a $20 coupon that was about to expire in a couple days. I saw he was a bit still too young and I had to kick two little kids out of a gaming machine because they weren’t even playing the game, just pretending to play so I was polite to them about it and they left. I used to do that as a kid too but I don’t see the reason why my son and I should stand outside and wait if they are not even playing the game. I even let him get a Dave & Buster’s bear because he wanted a stuffed animal and I didn’t want my son using up all his points with the claw machine so I took him to the prize area and he picked put a stuffed animal from there. I had enough tickets on my card because I hoard them. They never expire and you can save them for another time so I use them for prizes I like. He nearly used them up but that is okay. But we did win some tickets together. Once I let him get the Teddy Bear now than waiting, he was able to play the games finally. He used most of them on some fishing game. We were gone for less than two hours. Then another thing I did was going to a nature park with my mother with my son and my nephew. But I am thinking about I should take my son more often to Dave & Buster’s every time I get a coupon. I have been taking my kids out more every weekend for the past three weeks.

I changed my diaper before I went to the AB munch and it was at Round Table Pizza this time. It was smelling like piss because I could smell it so if I could smell it, everyone could probably too so I didn’t want to go there smelly and have everyone else there smell it. I am sure they wouldn’t want to smell a wet diaper even though they wear them themselves and also use them. I was early so no one was there so I just waited in the car and played my Nintendo 3DS. Then I saw people arriving so I got out of my car and went inside. I asked if they were there for the munch and they said yes. They ordered food and then more people came and we went in the room. I saw they had brought markers along and pens and crayons and coloring books so I colored. I got to see a couple people I hadn’t seen in years and I even saw Pamperchu (the one who microwaves used diapers) and we talked for a few minutes and then he went back to other people and started talking to them again. I only ordered a drink because I was thirsty and not hungry and even if I was, I still wouldn’t have eaten. I colored by numbers there and did dot to dot and a maze and then I played my video games and finished reading a book on Kindle Unlimited.

Then around eight I went home and I was so exhausted I rested and I thought I was going to sleep because I felt like I was going to pass out but couldn’t get to sleep so I got up. The passing out feeling went away.

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