Got sick at work

For the past five years it’s been normal for me to get sharp cramps in my abdominal area and then have diarrhea. It doesn’t happen all the time anymore like it used to for about a year and now it doesn’t happen every month anymore.

I had finally noticed a pattern, every time I have drank too much water, it makes my bowel system act up and then I get sharp cramps and then have diarrhea. Today it was warm out so I drank lot of water because I was thirsty so I brought water to work with me. I filled it at the drinking fountain and work and while I was getting the compost, I start to feel the cramps again. Then they go away. Then when I was doing the second daycare, the pain was getting worse and I didn’t bring any extra diapers with and I wasn’t going to keep racing to the toilet to see if I will finally take a dump than have gas.  So I hold off and keep working hoping I won’t have an accident. There was another co worker with me and I didn’t want to go home smelling like shit and get a rash. Then when I get the dust mopping after I am done getting all the trash, I head to the restroom and I can feel it coming. I feel I am going to fart and I feel the pain and I try and hold it in. I head in the bathroom and take off my diaper and I poop after I sat down on the toilet seat. It was very runny and soft and it smelled like popcorn. I pooped again in the same toilet and I sat there for like ten minutes and then I called it quits and pulled my diaper back up and taped the side again.

The cramps didn’t come back, they did for a few minutes and then they went away and never came back. I guess I cleaned myself out. Just drink lots of water and it will be a painful experience but why does this always have to happen at work? It always feels I am always at work whenever this happens.

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