Pooped in the kitchen

Either my BM is that soft or it’s just getting easier. I was wearing the plastic backed Northshore Care Supreme and I had to poop and the urge got stronger. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for my son because he was hungry and wanted a hot dog, one of the food choices I offered him. I gave myself a push and then relaxed my muscles and the poop came out and I pushed some more while I was preparing lunch for my kids. I didn’t grunt or push hard and I don’t think they noticed because I was just standing there making their lunch and  talking and I didn’t pause or grunt or sigh.

Then after I was done preparing their lunch and had them sit in the dining room to eat, I just went upstairs to masturbate for a couple of minutes. I can’t do that in front of them.

I am going to have to change pretty soon anyway because I promised my son I would take him to the park again to play in the fountain.

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