My crappy Supreme clothlike review

I wore the new sample that came with my order. It was nice and thick and I thought it held well. It didn’t bunch up like the Molicare Super Plus does so I give that a point and also I pooped in it and it was nice and soft but the poop gave me a damp spot on my jeans when I peed in it again. I won’t deduct any points for that because poop is what makes the pee not absorb so it leaks. Also the diaper made my pants feel like they were damp like I had pee through them but they weren’t damp.

Sadly my husband couldn’t change me because his feet were too sore from being on them today for over four hours so I had to change myself. I put on another free sample and this time I will see how much it holds.

So far these don’t bunch up when wet. This stays towards my ‘diapers to get’ list.

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